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Introduction to K. Heritage in KHmall

Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation (hereinafter ‘Foundation’) is an official institute affiliated with Cultural Heritage Administration and has performed various public business and international collaborative tasks to deliver and distribute traditional cultures. Among K. Heritage, an abbreviation of ‘Korea Heritage,’ is a cultural product brand name made by the Foundation with integrated efforts and sincerity for a long time. Through this, the Foundation would like to reinforce the basics for delivering and preserving cultural heritage and to distribute and exchange them for the public. Simultaneously, we are trying to develop and make cultural heritage sophisticated.

KHmall, an abbreviation of 'Korea Heritage mall', is a theme shop of traditional culture operated by Foundation to activate opening various markets. There are not only works of traditional art, but 200-odd cultural products based on Korean cultural heritage. We recommend you to connect precious encounter with Korean traditional culture in KHmall.



브랜드 소개Brand Introduce
한국문화재재단은 전통문화 유산의 전승 및 보급을 위한 일환의
하나로 전통문화상품 브랜드인 K.Heritage를 관리 및 운영하고
있습니다. K.Heritage(Korea Heritage)의 BI는 문화유산과 관련된
대한민국의 대표 기관의 이미지를 강조하고자 영문 'K'와 'H'를
전통 인장에 새김으로써 국가기관의 품위와 신뢰를 시각화하였습니다.
인장 내 대표 색상인 주색(Pantone DS81-1U)을 중심으로, 금과 은을
상징하는 금색과 은색을 사용하였습니다. BI의 비례, 간격, 크기,
색상을 임의로 변경할 수 없습니다.


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